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Welcome to the OFFICIAL website
for the HighWire web browser!

The goal with HighWire is to create a mature web browser for Atari and compatible setups. It will be written to work smoothly under both MiNT and MagiC, supporting both STiK and MiNTnet API.

HighWire viewing HighWire Monitor the progress by checking out the short summary of latest fixes and additions in change.log (from CVS)

HighWire news

2010 - June 30

New binary added. On the download page you'll now find the latest development snapshot, this time compiled with libjeg 8.

2010 - June 29

Welcome to the "new" and improved HighWire website! In order to make the job of maintaining this website somewhat easier, some changes needed to be done. The website now relies on some basic PHP and also displays the latest forum entries and bugreports. All of which will hopefully make this page a good resource for all things HighWire.

2010 - June 29

A new development snapshop has been uploaded to the download page. The binary dates back to May 29 but has been delayed until today due to a website overhaul. Sorry for the wait.

2010 - Feb 08

The bugtracker for HighWire had a flaw that made it use the wrong database, now fixed by Rob.
Information on how to access the CVS was also added to the coders info page, located in development section.

2010 - Feb 04

Added download link for dev snapshot of HW 0.3.4 from 2010-01-25. Fixed broken download link for 0.3.2 binary
Go to download page >>

2010 - Feb 03

Old news log moved to archive. More news on the website and development will follow

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What to expect? Please note that HighWire is not yet a complete browser! It does however offer limited form support and can be used online with either MiNTnet, STiK and IConnect. The current release offers caching for documents as well as images. Supported image formats are gif (not animated yet), jpg and png.
HighWire has already reached a state where it is quite useable for basic browsing needs, but still lacks important things like cookies, javascript and more.

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Getting involved Are you getting increasingly interested and curious about the HighWire project? You wish you could contribute in any way to this project? Great! Even if you are not fortunate enough to be skilled at C-programming you can certainly help out with any of these tasks:
  • Beta test, and file bugs to the bugtracker
  • Write and update documentation
  • Send feedback via mailinglist and forum

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