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Getting started

Right, you want to do some coding for the HighWire project and wonder where to start? Find a few essential guidelines in HighWire coders FAQ.

HighWire DOM

If you need information regarding the internal document structures of HighWire along with some comments on implementations, then HighWire DOM is for you. It also covers the correspondences between HighWire's internal storage of a Document and the W3 specs for the Document Object Model.


The CVS server is accessed through the "pserver" method.
Now open a shell and type:
    export CVSROOT=:pserver:cvsanon@highwire.atari-users.net:/atariforge
    cvs login
(Logging in)
    CVS password:
Now type 'cvsanon' as password. If all is ok you get a prompt without any additional message. If something goes wrong you get an error message.
Now you can checkout a working copy of the current HighWire branch with:
    cvs checkout highwire

To view the CVS tree with your browser, use this URL:

As the HighWire sources can be compiled on a variety of C-compilers, you will need to get libraries for the one of your choice.
GCC (gemlib, ungif)
Pure-C (gemlib, ungif, png, jpg, zlib, tifflib)
Lattice-C (gemlib, ungif, zlib, pnglib)

Developers mailing list

If in any way involved in developing HighWire you should of course join the developers mailing list to get up-to-date with everything about HighWire.

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