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HighWire code

HighWire is written in C (with some additions in assembler) and can be compiled with Pure-C, GCC as well as Lattice-C. If you are interested in developing HighWire, please request to join the developers mailing list and download the current sources from download page. Additional information about the coding process is available at the coders info page.

HighWire bug tracking

A bug tracking system has been setup to help developers coordinating there efforts to locate coding errors/shortcomings. Note that you need to signup for a bugtracker account in order to get access to view and submit bugs.
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HighWire documentation project

Can't Code? Then help write the HighWire documentation! To update the documentation, save the html documentation page to your computer. Note that you have to be subscribed to the developers mailing list. Once you are on that list, just edit the file and email it to highwire@atari-users.net

HighWire developers mailing list

Regardless if you are a programmer or helping out with other matters in developing HighWire further, you should join the developers mailing list to get up-to-date with everything about HighWire.

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